McGinnis Berry Crops is involved in research in three main areas: variety evaluation and selection; production trials; and food products research. Variety evaluation is an on-going process.

Variety and Selection Evaluation

By developing and maintaining excellent long-term relationships with the world's best breeder programs and researchers, McGinnis Berry Crops can ensure our customers have access to the varieties best suited to their unique environmental conditions. MBC is also well advanced in our own breeding program which is designed to develop new White Pine Rust resistant varieties, to develop unique flavour profiles and to improve on the biochemical attributes of black currant fruit.

Production Trials

There is still much to learn about commercial production of black currants. Even in Europe where annual production is close to 600 million pounds, research is being conducted on plant fertility, pruning methods, and other cultural practices. Some of these trials will need to be duplicated within a North American context while other unique trials are taking place. MBC is conducting some of these trials, while cooperating on others. Increased understanding of post-harvest handling, economic analysis of production, variety selection, and biochemical analysis of fruit are parts this research process.

Food Products Research

Facilitating demand for black currants will be dependent on the development of high quality consumer products. Central to this is a better understanding of the biochemical attributes of black currants and the factors that effect these attributes. End-product formulations and product prototypes will be needed to take the industry to the next level. McGinnis Berry Crops is committed to supporting and taking part in these activities.