Outstanding flavor profile

Recent prospects have outstanding applications for juice, fresh sales and promises of other applications that are preferred by North American consumers.

High yields

Blackcomb and Tahsis, scored up to 100% higher yields than the industry standard*. Newer prospects show similar yield performance.

Disease resistance

Most varieties guaranteed to have high levels of resistance to White Pine Blister Rust in British Columbia and resistant to foliar diseases such as mildew.

* In coastal British Columbia trials



  • disease resistant
  • high yields
  • machine harvest


  • hand harvest
  • high yields
  • large fruit


  • great flavor
  • high yields
  • large fruit**

** In non-coastal regions


"We purchased 900 Whistler plugs in 2010 and another 2200 plugs in 2012. The plants arrived in excellent shape, packaged neatly in waxed cardboard boxes. Their survival rate was fantastic at >99%. They have grown vigorously and are hardy. We just went through one of the coldest winters on record, and didn't lose a plant. No sign of blister rust or other significant disease/pest problems as far as we can tell. The fruit is large and has the classic black currant piney pungency. The flavor is what we love the most - an intense sweet-tart berry flavor that makes wonderful jam and fantastic wine!"

- Mark and Kristie Gering, Currant Valley LLC

Breeding program

McGinnis Berry Crops is the industry leader in both the breeding and commercial nursery production of novel black currant varieties in North America. Our varieties are ideally suited to meet the unique local growing conditions and consumer preferences in this market. Our focus is developing Black Currant varieties with extremely high yields, disease resistance and outstanding flavor profiles.

Our company has been supplying disease free nursery stock for Commercial Fruit Growers and Nursery Wholesalers for over 25 years. In that time, we have acted as the North American license holder for the most of the world’s top breeding programs from the UK, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and France, successfully introducing over 30 varieties of Currants and Gooseberries. After 1998 we increased our emphasis on developing varieties of Black Currants specifically suited for the diverse growing regions of North America. We continue to collaborate with researchers in leading University small fruit programs and our network of international partners who share a commitment to establishing Black Currants as the first choice for North American producers looking to diversify their production into high-growth, high-margin crops.

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